About Us
Who We Are
Home Diversification Corp. is a New Hampshire-based Fintech startup. We are the inventor of the revolutionary Home Diversification Agreement for homeowners – the most important financial innovation since securitization.
We have assembled a highly-talented and experienced management team to deliver on the concept of home diversification and have general concept support from leading academic experts and economists, including a Nobel Laureate.
What We Do
Our product allows homeowners to nationally diversify the home-value risk on their homes – typically their single largest investment. The astounding diversification benefit, termed “the only free lunch in Economics” – reduces the risk in their home equity by more than 40-percent, and similarly reduces their foreclosure risk. As an added benefit, this reduction in risk results in a reduced interest rate.

Fully 62-percent of surveyed homeowners are interested in our innovative solution – pretty remarkable considering this product and the concept of home diversification are completely new to the market.

And creditors see the value in our product as well, given that they can obtain up to a 70-percent reduction in credit losses.