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2018 HDC Homeowner’s Survey
We recently completed a comprehensive survey of 1,000 homeowners to determine their interest in diversifying their home – for many, their largest asset. Despite the fact this concept is completely new to the market, more than half of the respondents indicated they were “very” or “extremely” interested in utilizing our product to diversify their home. This demonstrates that once homeowners become aware that they can inexpensively reduce their local market home-value risk (by as much as 40-pecent), a large percentage will want to take advantage of our product. You can view the full results here.
HDC Investor Pitch Deck Presentation
Our product will reduce homeowner’s home-value and foreclosure risk by as much as 40-percent, and creditors will benefit from up to a 70-percent reduction in credit losses. This represents truly disruptive change in the $30 trillion U.S. residential real estate market. Learn more regarding this opportunity and a potential Multi-10X ROI by reviewing our investor pitch deck.
Thank you for visiting and for your time and consideration regarding investing in Home Diversification Corp. What we offer is ground level participation (immediate $250k short-term and subsequent $6.117MM Series A offering: total raise is $6.367MM) in an investment opportunity that could provide extraordinary ROI (500X plus) by addressing critical issues in the world’s largest market – affordability and diversification in residential real estate.

Our product will enable homeowners for the first time ever to diversify their largest asset – their home. With tens of millions of homeowners in the $30 trillion U.S. residential real estate market alone, HDC is poised to capitalize on one of the most lucrative opportunities available in today’s marketplace.

To familiarize yourself with this unique opportunity, we suggest that you review our Consumer Survey and Investor Pitch Deck presentation. After doing so you we invite you to contact us using the form at the bottom of this page. We will respond promptly to answer questions and provide full details on the opportunity. Our business plan and financials can be made available upon request.

Marc Biron, Founder and CEO
Home Diversification Corp is currently conducting a combined $6.367MM angel/seed and subsequent Series A-round offering. We are conducting this under SEC Rule 506(b) of Regulation D provisions. This is not a general solicitation. Please note that Startup investments are high-risk – you can lose your entire investment. To invest in Home Diversification Corp, you must be an “accredited investor,” meeting certain income and net worth criteria as defined by the SEC (typically, net worth of $1M excluding primary residence, or annual income of $200k for at least two years, or $300k including spouse), or must be individually approved as a “sophisticated investor,” with sufficient expertise in the mortgage, banking or finance-related industries, such that you can properly evaluate the risks associated with this investment. For more information see
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